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Today, people evaluate you with just a few clicks around your website. Your customers don't just compare you to your competition - they are comparing you to everyone.

It’s our job to produce high-quality videos that will establish a connection between you and your customers, showing them the services or products only you can offer.

We specialize in creating video content for businesses small and large. No matter your video needs, we have the skills, team and the creativity to make it happen!


We like our work to speak for us, but exceptions can be made!


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Anyone can point a camera and hit record. However, creating a video that will convey your service in a meaningful way to your consumer means delving into your value proposition, discovering what makes you different from your competition, and using that to establish a lasting connection with your customer.

What makes Just Add Video so much more than a camera crew is that we discover, relate and explain your value proposition in a way that is clear and engaging. We want to be an extension of your team, working with you on every step of the production journey, from concept, scripting, production and even through to implementation.

With us, your company will get videos, animation and effects that elevate your video production and strengthen your value proposition through thoughtful and fine-tuned branding choices.

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This is by far our most popular and requested type of video. Explainer videos are the bridge that connect clients to your product, company, and the people behind both. Headlines tell customers who you are, but these videos show it in a way that copy and images can't.

A quality Explainer video should highlight your company's main value proposition. From the information conveyed, to the brand and style, your unique value to your client will be subtly and directly conveyed.

Showing customers what makes you unique is what powers them through the purchase path, and nothing can do that faster than a well-produced video.

When services or products are complex or aren't tangible, animation can be the best way to visually represent your ideas. 

Motion Graphics is a broad term, but it includes any graphical elements used in a video. This ranges from branded introductions, titles (lower thirds), backgrounds, through to full-out animations.

Our approach will capture your company's unique personality and infuse it throughout your videos. Together, we will create a plan-of-action and work with your branding team to ensure that your style guide is applied to the graphics.

We do not use templates. Every graphic and transition is made from scratch to ensure that what we create is unique to your individual brand. Learn more about our process HERE.

Our events team handles everything video and audio-related, including filming your presentations, highlight footage from around the event, attendee testimonials for future promotional material, and whatever else you may need.

To elevate the overall experience of your event, we have packages that include:

  • Live Streaming

  • Event Promotional Videos

  • Media Centers/Interviews

  • Introductory/Stinger Videos

  • Sponsor Videos

This content is yours to be used for future campaigns or promotional materials. It can be used to build up hype and excitement with potential attendees, as well as to display what they can expect from your event.

On-site or in-person training can be extremely taxing, and it may not be the best way to monetize your time.

With our expertise in green screen production and online training, as well as our in-house production studio, we are equipped to help you bring your training services to the masses.

We have helped companies at every level of video fluency. All you need is a slide deck or teaching tools, and our team will support you through every phase of the process. This includes optimizing the curriculum for a video format, any necessary motion graphics, through to video hosting and marketing.

Beyond just producing the training videos, our team is capable of implementing an LMS (Learning Management System) into your existing site. This is a place where students can enroll, participate and pay for your classes.

Learn more about our process by clicking HERE.

We offer select aerial filming services to heighten your video's production value. Wide and impressive establishing shots can make an immediate impact on your audience. That's why we make it a goal to capture aerial shots whenever possible. 

For example, in real estate, agents and sellers have used it to highlight a property by making potential sellers feel as though they are driving through their new neighborhood, up to the driveway of their new house.  

This tactic can be utilized across industries. Give your office, product or event an impressive, birds-eye view that will have your potential customer feel as though they've found a new home. 

The best environment for filming is a controlled one, and nothing gives you more control and freedom than Green Screen production. At our in-house studio, we film everything from interviews to high-quality monthly webinars and trainings. We've worked in Green Screen production for years, so it's safe to say that we know everything that goes into a good studio set-up.

We also know that video production can be prohibitively expensive, which keeps many smaller companies from producing high-quality, continuous video content. We work with many small businesses, so we understand this frustration better than most.

We're here to break the mold.

For clients who are distant and/or plan to do continuous video content, such as training, social media and webinars, we serve as a sort of 'post-production house.'  We discuss your content & video needs, and design for you an in-house studio that will fulfill them. 

It's as simple as this:

  1. After discussing your budget, we build your studio and train your team in the basics of A/V production.

  2. Our team will consult with you on each upcoming project or shoot.

  3. After your team films, send us your video files and notes.

  4. We will then edit and add graphics, color correcting and more to bring your videos the polish of a large-budget shoot.

Whether or not you're a local, we want to be part of your team. Give us a shout if you have any interest in using or creating a studio. 

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