3D Modeling & Animation

The logistics of complex products can be simplified for customers through video, and one way to achieve this is by using 3D models and animation. Going where cameras can’t, we show your product in great detail, and what makes it tick. It’s a vital tool for pitches and demonstrations, quickly conveying product intricacies.

Examples in this category include:

  • Entire creation of CG model(s), including concept art, modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, and animation.
  • Preparing files for 3D printing.
  • Compositing 3D models (logos, text, CGI characters) into scenes.

Whether it’s using CGI to display a complex product, to recreating your company’s mascot in 3D, we have the skills, technology, and creativity, to incorporate these types of advanced effects into your videos.

”I contacted the guys at JustAddVideo for a set of graphical animated templates for a YouTube project. They understood immediately the look and feel I was going for with my channel. At the end of the project, I had some trouble getting the files provided to work with my setup. They worked with me to determine the problem and went above and beyond to ensure I had a set of files that were compatible with my workflow. I’m thrilled with the final result and would definitely work with the folks at JustAddVideo again.”
— Troy Grant, @thatdollardude