Who Is Just Add Video?

Just Add Video is a production company located in Jacksonville, FL, specializing in video production and animation. When you hire us, you aren’t just getting a person pointing a camera. We want to collaborate with you to translate your passion for your product or service to your customers.

The two founding members, Brent Knauff and Luke Thorpe, decided to start Just Add Video after working together at a marketing company. They loved being an in-house A/V team, but wanted to work on a wide range of creative projects.  Just Add Video strives to be a happy medium for each client, providing the care and brand intelligence of an in-house team, without all of the overhead.

Currently, Brent and Luke utilize their pooled experience to not only film, but ensure that each client’s value proposition and customer motivations are being conveyed through the screen.

Our Senior Team

Luke Thorpe - Production Director, Co-Founder

"I grew up on the South Shore of Long Island, NY -so I can appreciate a good slice of pizza. At Northwestern University I received my Bachelors Degree in Radio, Television & Film. Do you remember when the Cats went to the Rose Bowl?!

In NY, I worked on a team at Times Mirror Magazine creating a television series for Field & Stream. Soon after I became a member of the Motion Pictures Editing Guild and began working as an apprentice sound editor and eventually moved on to creating independent documentaries.

For the past several years I’ve spent most of my time time creating videos in the digital marketing space. As it turns out, video has a big impact on how small businesses and large companies connect with customers." 


Brent Knauff - Art & Animation Director, Co-Founder

"I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, enrolling in the Media Arts and Animation program. Though I specialized in CGI animation, we were also taught 2D animation, motion graphics, script writing, videography, and compositing. While I had always loved creating short films and movies, my dream was to work for an advertising agency.

After graduating, I moved to Florida and began working at a company specializing in digital marketing, where I met Luke. It was here that I also learned about the importance of both discovering and highlighting companies unique value propositions. After working closely together with Luke for years on projects both inside and outside the company, we knew that there was a growing demand for compelling video content. Thus was born Just Add Video!"