Not Just a Camera Crew

*This video is a breakdown of the video production process, and will show you examples of how the combination of quality video production and motion graphics can help communicate the value proposition of your products and brand.

Anyone can point a camera and hit record. However, creating a video that will convey your service in a meaningful way to your consumer means deep-diving into your value proposition. Discovering what makes you different from your competition, and using that to establish a lasting connection with your customer.

Discovering, relating and explaining a value proposition in a way that is understandable and engaging is what makes Just Add Video so much more than just a camera crew. We want to be an extension of your team, working with you on every step of the production journey, from concept, scripting, production and even through implementation.

With us, your company will get videos, animation and effects that elevate your video production and strengthen your value proposition through thoughtful and fine-tuned branding choices.

Video Production

When we say "Video Production," we're referring to all aspects of capturing your unique story on camera. This begins with the conception and scriptwriting process, where we'll discuss goals, budget, and timeline with your team. From there, we will craft a production plan.

In addition to on-site filming, we are equipped with a full greenscreen studio. We specialize in greenscreen production and compositing — services which, contrary to popular belief, are not just reserved for large budget commercials and movies. For clients who plan to do continuous video content, such as training and webinars, we can serve as a post production house.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Motion Graphics is a broad term, but it includes any graphical elements used in a video. This ranges from introductions, titles (lower thirds), call-to-actions, to full-out animation (limited live-action).

Once we have a plan-of-action, we will work with your branding team to ensure that your style guide is applied to the graphics, capturing your unique personality and infusing it throughout your video(s). We do not use templates, and make every graphic and transition from scratch to ensure that everything we create is unique to your individual brand. 

Depending on your product or services, more animation can sometimes benefit over live-action filming. When services or products are complex or aren't tangible, more animation is best to visually represent your ideas. 

Getting Started

Hit us up, anytime! We will schedule a visit and discuss your business and video needs.

For new and regular clients, you are created a portal where you can safely and easily track project progress, as well as view and manage your various scripts, storyboards, videos and more.

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